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NaturalPolitics.org was set up for ordinary British people, who believe the following:

  • Politics should be about serving, and meeting the needs of British citizens at all levels, regardless of race, creed, financial status, or social position: Politics should not just be about winning votes.
  • None of the major British political parties offers an acceptable, or deliverable, range of policies.
  • Currently in Britain, taxation is disorganized, mismanaged and unfair.
  • The British benefits system needs to be revised, so those who really need help get it, and those who seek to cheat the system are weeded out and punished.
  • Britain needs a stronger position in Europe.
  • Britain needs to be tough but fair with immigration and asylum seekers.
  • Most British politicians seem to have forgotten they are public servants.
  • British patriotism is being hijacked by right-wing extremists - we, the silent majority, need to find our voices and rediscover our national pride.

At NaturalPolitics.org, we can all have our say: Union flag silhouette group

  • Respond to any topic in the Natural Politics Blog.
  • Suggest a discussion topic, Natural Politics policy, or just let us know what you think, via our Contact us page.
  • As soon as we have enough regular contributors, we'll introduce a discussion forum, so individuals can contribute ideas directly and respond to contributions by others.

Natural Politics is about making Britain great again. Let us know what you think.